Texas lifestyle? Austin vs. Dallas?


in Dallas

Traveler777 :

It’s official my Husband and I are moving to Texas! My Husband recieved a great job offer in Austin but we have heard Dallas has more job oppertunities and growth for his career choice. We are both 24years old and are seeking a place to build our life and raise a family. We have never lived in Texas and recently visited for the first time(job interview). We are young newly weds and both are college graduates. We are looking to move somewhere safe to raise our future children but both love the arts and modern crowd.Although we love the downtown scene we aren’t much for the college lifestyle-hence just married.We would love to live somewhere where we can make a name for ourselves and build our life with fun entertainment amenities but in a safe neighborhood to raise children. Any suggestions???

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Austin definitely is a better choice: prettier,
more open-minded, better real estate market,
and better access to other places you may wanna’ visit in Texas. WELCOME!!!


Austin is nice, offers a lot of job opps and comfortable living. But it is also very touristy and very much a college-party city. Since UT is there, and a couple of smaller colleges, it is jam-packed with college kids. But, it is a great place to live. Only a couple of hours drive to Dallas. Dallas is very much a business like city…but the night life is definitely alive!! I have lived in TX all my life, lived all abroad (thanks, Army! Hooah) and I have always been partial to the DFW metroplex. Now I live in N Ft Worth/Keller, but still have family all over Dallas. Lots of job opps and career potential….and lower cost of living than Austin (I think) but it is a very busy city. Actually both choices are. Either way, you’ll do fine here in our Lone Star State. Welcome Y’all.

Prairie Girl

If possible, you should visit both cities before you decide which to move to. I think a week-end in each would be long enough to help you decide. About the only thing they have in common is that they’re both in Texas. I don’t know about Austin, but if moving to the Dallas area I’d suggest the suburbs of Frisco, Plano, Flower Mound, McKinney, Coppell, or Las Colinas. Neither city is better than the other, it’s just a matter of what you want from your city. Good luck with the move.


Austin is great, but like others said, it is very touristy and is very much a college town. If you are settling down, I would choose the DFW area to live and visit Austin when you want a weekend getaway. I live in Euless, which is between Dallas and Fort Worth. We have a low crime rate, and easy access to anywhere in the metroplex. Dallas and Fort Worth have lots to do. Both towns have museums and good clubs. Both towns also have good zoos. Jobs are plentiful, and the housing market is still okay here. Euless also has great schools, HEB schools are rated number 4 in the state. There are apartments and homes for all price ranges, and a great park system that includes a new dog park. Welcome to Texas, and good luck!

The Bomb Diggity

I lived in both cities and to be very honest with you, if you are wanting to have lots of job opportunities in the future, you should stick with DFW. The reason why I say this is because it’s the fastest growing city in the country and so many companies are relocating to the DFW metroplex. I do however, agree with the commentor before that this city is filled with fat white racists that think there **** doesn’t stink. Dallas is also very pretentious as well. In Dallas, there are these douchebags we call the $30,000 millionaires because they think that they’re millionaires, when in reality, their entire net worth is not more than 30K. But if you can get passed the racist, trashy, and arrogant people, Dallas is a city that will keep on giving. Austin is a college town, economy is not as strong as Dallas in no way, shape, or form.


I think the T-shirts say it best. Keep Austin Weird and Keep Dallas Pretentious.
Austin is both the state capital and a college town. It has a great mix of the 2, not too college-y, not too high strung.
Dallas is the pretty sister (Houston is the ugly sister with more personality). Has a good nightlife, good, high art scene.
Either one is good for young couples/families, both are as safe as modern cities can be.
If you already have the job in Austin, take it, but keep the options open. Every big city in Texas is vastly distinct from all the others, to the point that there is no “Texas lifestyle.”

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