Traveler777 :

It’s official my Husband and I are moving to Texas! My Husband recieved a great job offer in Austin but we have heard Dallas has more job oppertunities and growth for his career choice. We are both 24years old and are seeking a place to build our life and raise a family. We have never lived in Texas and recently visited for the first time(job interview). We are young newly weds and both are college graduates. We are looking to move somewhere safe to raise our future children but both love the arts and modern crowd.Although we love the downtown scene we aren’t much for the college lifestyle-hence just married.We would love to live somewhere where we can make a name for ourselves and build our life with fun entertainment amenities but in a safe neighborhood to raise children. Any suggestions???

Aj M :

Hey! So I’m a 17 year old guy who lives in Northern MS, which is 12 miles south of Memphis. I have the greatest parents ever! They are awesome, down to earth, and I love them very much. My mom’s sister, my aunt, and I are only 8 years apart in age. She is like my sister and is my best friend; we are very close. She and her husband live in Austin, Texas. They both went to college: she is a Nurse Practitioner and he is an Attorney. I have visited Austin twice in the last year and I LOVE it! I love how modern and forward thinking they are. I have been accepted to Ole Miss and Texas State University. My problem is this: I don’t know what to do! If I went to Ole Miss, I would be able to see my parents every weekend because I live only an hour from the campus. If I go to Texas State, I would live with my aunt (she isn’t going to charge me anything, I’ll have my own room and bathroom, and she is going to pay me allowance!). This way I won’t have to pay for room/board, which will cut down the costs some since I will be an out-of-state student the first year. Will I still be able to make friends even though I’m not staying on campus? My parents are always telling me that two families can’t live under one roof. Is this true? Do you think it is wise for me to move in with her and my uncle? It will just be us three. I don’t want to upset my parents by moving out, but I’m going to have to do it someday, correct? What should I do?! I am so stresses out about this. I just want to know here I’m going so I can enjoy the summer! Thanks for all your help in advance :)
Also, at Ole Miss I would be paying about $5500 the first year after all my financial aid. And I don’t know about Texas State yet, but if I live with my aunt, I won’t have to pay more than 7 or $8000. Are the loans worth it? :

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CentralCalSurfer :

I’am from California and I recently visited some family in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I also got to see a little of East Texas (Tyler), Central Texas (Austin), and West Texas (El Paso). Anyway, I really enjoyed the time that I spent in Texas. The people seem to be pretty nice and hospitable throughout the state and their seems to be so much to see and do there (and PLENTY of space) that I’am thinking of possibly buying a vacation home there someday.

I’am really into watersports and Texas seems to have plenty of good-sized lakes (I counted over 20 just in the Dallas-Fort Worth area) and a coastline where I could go. I’am an outdoor enthusiast in general. so I pretty much like anything that can be done outside the home, and Texas seem to offer almost everything. So would having a second home someday in Texas be a good idea? Where are some of the best places to have vacation homes in Texas (rural and urban)?
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Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Traci_girly :

I love Texas soo much I could NEVER move away…My Sister just moved to Phoenix Arizona,Im from Austin Texas…But im here in Az. visiting her and I miss my family and friends,But its soo weird because I acually miss the state of Texas, I miss Austin the friendly people and everything about it..Ive only been here in Az.for a month and i couldnt imagine living here…TEXAS is HOME…Does anyone else Love Texas as much as me???

Meagan :


I’m a 23 year old female from upstate NY
A friend and I are planning on moving to either San Antonio or Austin in the fall. I don’t think I could handle a Texas summer quite yet! lol
I just don’t know which to pick. I lived in LA for 6 months after graduating from college, but I could not take all of the “actors” and it’s all about who you know – not to MENTION the traffic.
Anyway, just wondering what the positives/negatives are for each city? I’ve only ever driven through Texas, so I don’t really know much about it. I’ll obviously visit there before I move there, but here’s a little about me to see if I’ll fit in down south:

I’m very spontaneous, fun, friendly, love to go out for drinks, meet new people (cute guys especially ;) and outdoorsy things (fishing, boating, 4wheeling, etc)

My ideal situation is just to fish, ride horses, go 4 wheeling, drink, and have tons of fun with a bunch of young people

For work I’ll probably bartend

so tell me where to go!! :)

Crysdan :

I am aware that there is a charity program at seton hospital, but are there any other charity programs out there for regular neurology visits? I currently receive medication through the drug company. I am 24 years old and I am not able to afford insurance. Any help would be appreciated.
I am already getting meds through the drug companies for free…I am looking for a program that will help me with doctor visits without paying insurance. I can not afford insurance. I am 24.

Milika F :

I live in Austin Texas. My birthday is in July. My family lives in New England and I can’t visit just then. I thought about partying at a bar/club, but I want something a little different (I go to bars quite often, so its not that special). I also live in an apartment that is too small for a real party. Any ideas?

Jess :

there’s a good possibility of me living there and im wondering what some of the interesting things in the area are. my choice would have been austin because of sxsw and the massive fashion scene but thats not really an option. i know dallas is a huge city so there’s bound to be many things i enjoy anyway, but from locals/semi-locals what are some fun and interesting cultural and social things within and near the city?

Sam :

So right now I am deciding between UT Dallas, UT Austin CAP and Texas Tech.
I want to major in electrical engineering. I went to visit UT Dallas… I didn’t really like the campus but maybe I missed out something. So now I am considering UT Austin CAP, I think i am going to UTSA for an year and then transfer back to UT Austin, but is it difficult to do that? (I know all the requirements) And what about Texas Tech? Their engineering is like top something in the nation.

Thanks a lot!!

Great things in Austin Texas?

Gary Daniels : Already know about congress bridge bats, barton springs, etc. Im looking for a good open jam session and Im visiting monday through wednesday nights

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